Treat water as if it's holy

There were two neighbors on a suburban block. Both enjoyed cultivating a picturesque lawn. Both frequently washed their cars. And both had water features in their backyards. The first man paid no attention to watering restrictions. He watered during the heat of the day. He never bothered to adjust his sprinklers, so he often watered the sidewalk, as well as his grass. This man had leaks in his faucets, but he did not fix them, and the water dripped and dripped, and his water bills went up and up. Each month, his water bill included extra charges due to his above average consumption. This man did not care, however. He had plenty of money with which to pay the water bill.

The other man kept a close eye on his sprinkler system, careful to water only permeable surfaces so as not to waste water. The man bought a rain barrel so he could collect water whenever it rained. And whenever this man had a leak, he promptly called a plumber. He mulched his gardens, which he watered only during the cool nights. The man installed low-flow showerheads in his home. They were rewarded with low water bills, but knew that was only a drop in the bucket: He realized that his household had an impact on the whole world. He understood the value of water and was aware that many people around the globe do not have fresh water. This man knew that the average American uses far more water than people in other nations, and he treated every drop with respect, knowing that all water is, in a sense, holy.

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