Ordinary spirit

Faith Focus for the Week

Does my “ordinary” life reflect my faith and God’s call to share my gifts for the good of the world? How?

This week we celebrate the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. These two great men of God teach us much about the depths of all we are called to be and to do as Christians, and as children of God with whom the Holy Spirit dwells.

Picture in your mind your favorite painting or photograph. Hear the familiar sounds of the recording you most enjoy. Think of your favorite movie, and of the background of the setting, the soundtrack, lighting, and costumes. In each, what is not seen or heard is essential to our experience of that which is central. A painting without the color or light in the background would have no clear image on which to gaze; music without the pauses, an endless stream of noise; a movie without a background falls flat and does not capture our attention.

This could be one way of thinking about the Holy Spirit in our lives. People sometimes say they have a difficult time perceiving the Holy Spirit, and yet the presence of the Holy Spirit within us is like the background in a painting that allows the image to shine through: as people created in God’s image and likeness, it is the power of the Holy Spirit that infuses us with the gifts, guidance, wisdom, and courage to live as Christian disciples and stewards. We often only recognize the Spirit’s presence in hindsight.

Once we draw our attention to the unseen and yet holy within and around us, we recognize the Spirit’s action in our minds and hearts, and we perceive the presence of God in others. We see the eyes of Christ in the eyes of the poor and the lonely; we hear the voice of the Lord in the call of a child or an elder; and “stewardship” becomes something very personal rather than an abstract notion of obligation. We live as stewards through the power of the Holy Spirit, grateful people whose lives are filled with the presence of God.

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