Christain freedom

Faith Focus for the Week

How do I use my freedom? Am I becoming more like Christ as I exercise the gift of free will?

We think of freedom as the ability to decide the what, when, who, and why of our lives. However, in Christian understanding, freedom does not equal individual autonomy or individual liberty, or the power to choose. So what does Christian freedom mean?

God freely created human beings. And because we were created in the image and likeness of God, we have a share in God’s freedom. For Christians, freedom is both a gift and a virtue. The New Testament writers understood freedom as not being free to do whatever one chooses but to be free from sin and death (see Gal 5:1).

It is the community of faith that provides the environment and support in which we can be free from sin and selfishness. Freedom is the power to choose to do what is good. In other words, freedom is hard work – it requires ongoing conversion, a life of discipleship. No matter our circumstances, gifts, talents, and skills, each and every one of us can use our freedom in God’s service and participate in God’s ongoing work of creation and redemption.

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