Bringing Hope

Faith Focus for the Week

In what ways do I bring hope to others?

We all have hopes and dreams. Yet we have no guarantee that all that we hope for and dream will come to pass in this life. We might find ourselves disappointed, crushed, even despairing. Not so with Christian hope.

Christian hope is grounded in God. It is a solid trust that God’s promises of the Kingdom will be fulfilled. We base our conviction on what God has already done for us: God’s forgiving and reconciling love was manifested in Christ, for all. It is a communal hope based on God’s covenant and expressed in our own work of reconciliation. Hope — directed to the future — bridges the imperfect, unfulfilled reality of the now and the kingdom of holiness and wholeness yet to come. Christian hope is pure gift, a gift of the Spirit that motivates us to imagine and live our lives of faith more vividly and more deeply.

Consider creating a digital hope chest for yourself or your family.

• Gather your family and talk about what each member hopes for in the future.

• Identify one thing that would prepare each person for the future and/or expresses a desire for what that future might look like.

• Create a digital hope chest by recording family members’ responses on your iPhone or tablet or taking a picture of an item you hope to use or have in the future.

• In the months and years to come, revisit the family hope chest. Give thanks for hopes that were fulfilled, pray for those not yet realized and name new ones as your Christian journey continues.


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