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November 2020

Nov 25

Mary shows how to turn fear into invitation to hear God’s call, pope says

By: Carol Glatz There is no better way to pray than like Mary, who opened her heart to God with humility and trust, Pope Francis said. “It is putting our life in the Lord’s hands, that he be the one who guides us. We can all pray like this, almost without words,” the pope said Nov. 18 during his weekly general audience, which...
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Nov 23

I met a new friend at adoration: St. Thérèse

By: Scott Warden During a fundraiser that seems like it took place 18 years ago instead of 18 months — when it was safe to congregate by the hundreds (maskless!), shake hands with new friends and hug old ones whom we hadn’t seen in awhile — my wife and I were seated next to a priest from our diocese who is pastor of a...
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Nov 20

Opening the Word: The poor kingship of Jesus

By: Timothy P. O'Malley The aftershocks of election 2020 reverberate throughout the United States. Whatever presidential candidate will be inaugurated in January 2021– and this column has been written well before the results have been tabulated — will be greeted by many with fanfare. The solemnity of Christ the King should...
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Nov 18

Navy dad, back home after 15 months away, surprises daughter at Catholic school

By: Michelle Martin The father-daughter reunion at a Catholic school in suburban Chicago was weeks in the making. U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Konrad Otachel recently made a surprise visit to St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School in Palatine to see his daughter, Naomi, a kindergartner. “Her mother told me weeks ago that he was...
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Nov 16

We all need to pray, ‘Lord, I need you’

By: Msgr. Owen F. Campion A priest tells this story. He was assigned as a pastor. His predecessor had left the job in disgrace. The parish was not large, but it owed $6 million. It had $59 in its bank account. The previous pastor had fallen out with the director of religious education, so no classes had met for months. First holy Communion for...
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Nov 13

Opening the Word: An economy of gift

By: Timothy P. O'Malley We have grown so accustomed to moralistic accounts of prominent parables proclaimed in pulpits that we are likely to tune out when listening to the parable of the talents. We know what the parable means, don’t we? God has given us talents, and we should use them for the stewardship of the Church. And yet, our...
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Nov 11

Supreme Court hears arguments in foster care case with major religious freedom implications

By: Russell Shaw Some time in the early months of 2021, the Supreme Court will announce its decision in a closely watched case involving a critical clash of rights — the constitutionally guaranteed right of religious free exercise on the one hand and government-backed LGBT rights on the other. The outcome could provide a significant legal...
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Nov 9

Without prayer, life can seem troublesome, tedious, pope says at audience

By: Carol Glatz VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Prayer has the power to take all those things in life that seem like a condemnation and turn them into something good, Pope Francis said. “The trials of life thus change into opportunities to grow in faith and charity,” the pope said Nov. 4 during his weekly general audience, which was...
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Nov 6

Opening the Word: The oil of desire

By: Timothy P. O'Malley Desire is vital to Catholicism. The human person is made to desire God, to long for union with our beloved Lord. And yet, we know that the enemy of desire is complacency. Many of us, perhaps after the first fruits of conversion, want to get by with doing enough. We go to Mass on Sunday, tithe a bit, and...
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Nov 4

With beatification, Knights extend invitation to become ‘part of the vision and mission of Father McGivney’

By: Brian Fraga Preparing for the beatification Mass of Father Michael J. McGivney, the founder of the Knights of Columbus, has been a “spiritual sprint to the finish line” since the Vatican announced five months ago that a miracle through his intercession had been approved. “We celebrate the intercession of soon-to-be...
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Nov 2

The blessings of sacramental marriage

By: Msgr. Owen F. Campion They talk about the glory that was Rome; well, Vienna had its glory, a cultural mecca, the dazzling center of a great empire, one of the major powers of the earth, Austria-Hungary. It was a monarchy. In direct line to the throne was Archduke Karl, 24 years of age in 1911, when the government announced his engagement to...
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