Adult Faith Formation

As Catholic adults, we are encouraged by the Church, the Pope, and the Bible itself to read, study, and strive to understand our faith through a continuing journey.

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St. Leo Catholic Church has many rescources avilable for your continuing faith journey.

Parish Library - Located in the Last Supper Room

Many non-fiction and fiction books, audio talks, videos, & movies. please fill out the check out card before taking Home.

St. Leo Parish has many video studies avalible to help you grow in your faith.

All these video studies are available for Group or Individual Study.

  • GROUP STUDY:  If you would like to attend a group study or lead a group study Please Contact the Faith Formation Office for more information.

    • We can usually find someone to lead a group study for those who would like to attend but not lead the study.

  • INDIVIDUAL STUDY: If you would like to undertake an individual study for yourself or your family, Please contact the Faith Formation Office for more information.

For a list of avalible video studies

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For more information about Faith Formation in the Tri-Parish, please contact: Faith Formation Office. Email: Faith Formation office (507) 825-3152.