St. Leo Cemetery


"Catholics believe in life eternal. By choosing a Catholic cemetery, one selects a final resting place that reflects the beliefs and values from life’s personal journey. It is a resting place that is sacred and shared with all fellow pilgrims awaiting the resurrection of the dead and the promise of everlasting life."

St. Leo Cemetery Policy

The St. Leo Cemetery Policy explains the costs for a grave and cremation, permanent care, and the Internment Fee.  It also explains the Special Rules & Guidelines for the cemetery.  Finally, you will find the names of St. Leo Cemetery Association Members.

St. Leo Cemetery Policy

St. Leo Cemetery Map

To view the map of St. Leo Cemetery and then search for the name of a person buried in the cemetery:

  • Open St. Leo Cemetery Map found below.
  • When the map is open, click on the search symbol  found on either the top left corner or the top right corner of the map.  A Search Box or Area will then open on either the right top or the left top corner of the map.  Type in the name of the person you are searching. To increase or decrease the size of the map, click either the (+ or -) at the top of the map.

St. Leo Cemetery Map