Funeral Information

The new diocesan guidelines for funerals discourages symbolic gifts at the Offertory in order to keep focus on Eucharist. Brief eulogies at the Mass are permitted but encouraged for the Visitation Prayer Service when memories and stories are shared. Visitation hours at the funeral home or in Church are evolving beautifully with the sharing times. From now on we will not have symbolic gifts at funeral Masses.

 Please contact Msgr. Gerald Kosse at 507-283-8502 to make arrangements for funerals.

 Everyone is invited to funerals at St. Catherine.  The funeral Mass is a liturgy and therefore a public worship service.  A funeral is a tender highlight in a person’s life and the solidarity of all members with the family is a sacred bond, a holy obligation of membership.  Staying for the funeral lunch is optional.  Thank you for making sacrifices to be at our funerals.


Luverne Flowers & Greenhouse (507) 283-4451
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Glen's Food Center (507) 283- 2557
205 E. Warren
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McCarthy's Floral (507) 483-2063
718 Maine Ave
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GrandStay Hotel & Suites (507) 449-4949
908 S. Kniss Ave.
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Quality Inn (507) 283-9488
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Super 8 Motel (507) 283-9541
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